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Delivery Date

Myung Sung Construction Gori Automic Power Plant July 1998
Cheong Ho Groundwater Korea Army 7th Division 1998-07-01
Sae Kyung Construction Guun Middle School August 1998
Kong Jo Gwan Moon Elementary School October 1998
Lip Sung Youngjong-do New Airport November 1998
Daelim Plastic Dae Myung Condo February 1999
Dong Yang Corporation Nowon Heat Piping Work corporation July 1999
Sung Il Facility Onyang High School  July 1999
Seah Steel Cheongju District Heating corporation July 1999
Seohai Construction Seohai Construction Co.,Ltd. August 1998
Seah Steel  Geoje Municipal Office September 1999
Georyun Plant  Seoul Energy (Korea Energy Management corporation) October 1999
Seah Steel  Iksan Cogeneration Plant October 1999
Seah Steel Korea Zinc Co. February 2000
Hwa In Gigong Ssang Young Construction Co.,Ltd. April 2000
Sin Wang Construction Seoul Metropolitan Development corporation January 2000
Kook Jae BMS Seoul Metropolitan Development corporation August 2000
Kukbo Industry Cheonan Jungang High School September 2000
Daeah IND. Youngsan U.S. Army Base September 2000
Daelim Plastic Korea Army Base September 2000
Seah Steel  Yeocheon NCC November 2000
Seah Steel  POSCO January 2001
Geondaeyang Plant Seoul Metropolitan Development corporation March 2001
Korea Public Prodcurement Service Moonkyung Municipal office April 2001
Dusin Industry Facility Busan University September 2001
Bumyang ENG  VOLVO  September 2001
Daelim Plastic  Samcheok Municipal Office February 2002
Seah Steel  Ansan Metropolitan Development corporation February 2002
Sin E Steel  Gunsan Industrial Complex March 2002
Dai Duck Piping  Samsung Electronics April 2002
Cheorwon Country Office Cheorwon Country Office April 2002
Haiduck Steel Ansan Metropolitan Development corporation May 2002
Mir Civil Engineering & Construction  Osan U.S. Army Base May 2002
Korea Energy Management corporation Korea Energy Management Corporation June 2002
Yeonsung Steel  Korea District Heating Corporation February 2003
Myung Sung Steel  Korea Water Resources Corporation March 2003
Korea Energy Management Corporation Korea Energy Management Corporation August 2003
Dongsung Steel  Changwon Industrial Complex August 2003
Kumho Construction  Youngjong-do New Airport September 2003
Daehung Construction Korea District Heating Corporation October 2003
Sunghwan C&C  Osan U.S.Air Force Forces November 2003
Yongyeon ENG  Korea Energy Management Corporation January 2004
Daenong Construction Equipment  Samcheok Municipal Office February 2004
Korea National Housing Corporation Yongsan Foreginer's Apts. March 2004
Sunkwang Civil Engineering & Construciton  Chungju Municipal Office April 2004
Yongyeon ENG  Yongyeon ENG May 2004
Korea National Housing Corporation Korea National Housing Corporation June 2004
Club Polaris Club Polaris July 2004
Dai Duck Piping  Dae Woo Construction Inc. August 2004
Toam Industry Corporation Daeyoung Co.,Ltd. September 2004
Dai Duck Piping  POSCO Construction November 2004
GS Construction  LG Electronics Inc. January 2005
Naeoe Construciton  Naeoe Construciton Co.,Ltd. January 2005
Osan Energy  Osan Energy Co.,Ltd. February 2005
Hanwoong Plastic  Korea Army Base February 2005
Sinyoung Precision  Gangneung Municipal Office March 2005
Donghyung Industry A58:A82 Youngjong-do New Airport March 2005
Joeun Steel  Youngin Dongbaek APT April 2005
Donghee ENG  GS Cable & System Ltd. April 2005
Kumkwang K&C  Pyeongtaek U.S. Army Base May 2005
Daesin General Trade Company  Lotte Chilsung June 2005
S-Oil  S-Oil Co.,Ltd. June 2005
Kumkwang K&C  Pohang Municipal Office July 2005
Yeonsung Steel  Walkerhill Hotel August 2005
Osan Energy  Osan Energy Co.,Ltd. September 2005
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power  Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd. October 2005
Daesung Industry  Osan Daelim APT November 2005
Sinkang Steel  Korea Zinc Co. January 2006
Energy Solutions Shiwha Energy February 2006
Toam  Gyeongju Municipal Office March 2006
B&M  Army Noncommisioned Officer Academy April 2006
Dai Duck Piping  Korea National Housing Corporation April 2006
Cheongam Pipe  Poongsan Industry Co.,Ltd. May 2006
Ilkwang  Korea Army Base May 2006
Korea Zinc  Korea Zinc Co. May 2006
Nakwon Construction  Korea Army Base June 2006
Pyeonghwa Steel  Daejeon EXPO June 2006
Metro E&C  Hansol EME July 2006
Youngyeon Enegineering  Daejeon Cogeneration July 2006
Daelim P&C  YNCC August 2006
Eleco ES  Korea Army Base August 2006
Namhyang  Sungdong High School September 2006
Samcheok Municipal Office Samcheok Municipal Office November 2006
Hyundai Underground Development  Korea Army Base November 2006
Korea District Heating Corporation Korea District Heating Corporation January 2007
Korea Zinc  Korea Zinc February 2007
Noori Tech  Samcheok Municipal Office February 2007
Boolim Gigong Korea Highway Corporation March 2007
Sinkang Steel  Korea Zinc April 2007
Ssangu  Samsung Heavy Industry May 2007
ACE Tech System  Antarctic Iing Sejong Station June 2007
Yeonsung Steel  Korea District Heating Corporation July 2007
Youngyeon Enegineering  Daejeon Cogeneration July 2007
Yukji Construction  STX Power Station August 2007
Injea Water Supply Office Injea-gun September 2007
Chanho Steel  Dongbu Construciton October 2007
Energy Solutions  Doosan Construction October 2007
GS Construction Inc. GS Construciton  November 2007
Korea District Heating Corporation Korea District Heating Corporation March 2008
Korea Gas Technology Corporation Kyunggi CES April 2008
Lotte Construction  Cheongla Energy May 2008
SK Construciton  SK E&S July 2008
Incheon Airport Energy Incheon Airport Energy September 2008
Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation Lotte Construction  October 2008
Yeongam Waterworks Business Yeongam-gun October 2008
Lotte Construction  Cheongla Energy October 2008
Hanla Industrial Development Korea Land Corporation March 2009
Samsung Everland Changwon Municipal Office June 2009
Hyosung Evara  Paju Enviroment Management Corporation February 2010
Lotte Construction Cheongla Energy April 2010
Hankuk Paper Mfg. Hankuk Paper Mfg. May 2010
Hansafe  Hansafe  August 2010
Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics October 2010
Korea Zinc  Korea Zinc February 2011
Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation Moorim Power Tech April 2011
LH Asan Energy LH Asan Energy  June 2011
LS Nikko  LS Nikko  July 2011
Hyosung Evara  Hyosung  November 2011
Kolon Construction  Gimcheon Energy December 2011
Samsung Everland Samsung Fine chemicals  December 2011
Samsung Everland Samsung Fine chemicals May 2012
Samsung Everland Samsung Fine chemicals  October 2012
Hwa In Construction  F.E.D November 2012
Daejoo ENT 12 KDHC January 2013
Samyoung IND Hanjin Heavy Industry February 2013
JungKwan Energy Busan JungKwan Energy March 2013
Daejoo ENT 12 KDHC April 2013
Inje-Gun Water & Sewage System Office Buk-myeon Wolhak-ri (Sacheon-ri to Sinkyodae) May 2013
Daejoo ENT 12 KDHC June 2013
Samsung Engineering Ulsan Samsung SMP July 2013
Hanam Energy Service Hanam-Misa zone 1&3 August 2013
Taekwang  Ulsan Taekwang  September 2013
Samsung Engineering Ulsan Samsung SMP October 2013
Kaya Internet Development Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do November 2013
Samchully ES Zone 2, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si December 2013
Hanam Energy Service Injea-gun, Gangwon-do January 2014
Samsung Everland Sunglim Oil & Chemical February 2014
Migang Ulsan Lotte Chemical March 2014
Lotte Engineering & Construction Tangjung Lotte construction site April 2014
Darim Construction Nonhyeon to Gunja May 2014
SK E&S Wirye SK construction zone 2 June 2014
Samchully ENG Gunaja new town (Ansan to Baegod) July 2014
Wirye Energy Service Wirye new town August 2014
Daeryun  Yangjoo heat pipeline construction site September 2014
Samchully ENG Samchully construction zone 1&2. October 2014
Chungcheong Energy Service Cheongju W-Scope November 2014
Wirye Energy Service Wirye new town December 2014




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