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- Exported  the 75 ton paddy dryer plant integrated with a carbonizer system to Philippines.

(the world¡¯s first technology using a carbonizer system as heat source for paddy dryers)




- Developed and exported steam boilers using textile waste from clothing factories to Philippines.




- Founded DAEKYUNG ENERTECH PHIL INC. in Philippines

  (Renewable energy business using coconut shell).




- Founded DALSUNG ENERGY Co., Ltd. (Biomass Cogeneration business).

- Registered as the construction cooperation company of Korea Midland Power Co.,Ltd.




- Registered as the construction cooperation company with Samsung Ever Land Inc.,

  SK Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd. and other 6 companies




- Won the distinguished service award of construction performance improvement in 2008

 (Korea Mech. Const. constructors Association in Daejeon  Metropolitan City, Choongcheongnam-do)

- Contracted MOU of the fuel business derived from eco-friendly environment biogas

  (Yeosu city, Jeollanam-do)

- Won the honest taxpayer award.

- Received presidential citation (2009 energy saving citation)

- Registered the practical new design of the rotation device for a solar module trackin

   (No. 20-0447011)




- Founded Yoengi Solar PV Co., Ltd.

- Constructed Waste Heat Recovery Project in Yeosu City (ESCO Business)

- Constructed the clean net  system in Chungra & Pangyo city.

- Accredited as a technical innovation company (INNO-BIZ).

- Accredited as a management innovation company




- Established the laboratory and research center of Daekyung Enertech Co., Ltd.

- Registered as an energy saving expert company

  (Korea Energy Management Corporation No.2007-0347-1)

- Contracted with Korea District Heating Corporation for providing PIP products.  

- Registered the license of overseas construction (Mechanical facility, Civil construction)

- Constructed a solar PV power station (4MW).

- Entered into the technical cooperation agreement with Pitech Co.,Ltd. in Germany.




- Acquired ISO 14001 Certification

- Registered as a renewable energy expert company (Solar Energy Field)




- Awarded as an Excellent Company & Good Brand, Korea 2005 in the part of Environment

  Friendly Energy Saving Piping System.




- Acquired ISO 9001 Certification  : Manufacture and installation of insulated pipe,

  Works of Mechanical Equipment, Design for Engineering Service .

 (Constructional Equipment and Civil Engineering).

- Registered the license of civil construction business.




- For factory expansion, moved to Bibong industry complex, Cheongyang-gun,





- Acquire ISO 9002 Certification : Manufacture and installation of insulated pipe,

  Works of Mechanical Equipment.

- Construction business registration of Gas Facility (No.Choongbukchungju 01-27-01-04).

- Changed company name to Daekyung Enertech Co.,Ltd.




- Registered the patent of SIS system for thermal insulation (No.0261323).

- Registered the patent of thermal expanded steam insulation pipe (SIS) and

  its manufacturing method (No.0110442).

- Registered the patent of  the mixed container for pre-insulated pipes and insulation materials





- Acquired Mechanical System Construction Business License (No.ChoongJoo 99-12-02).




- Acquired the technology and domestic monopoly of a piping leak system from Brandes GmbH, Germany.




- Founded DAEKYUNG STEEL Co.,Ltd.

- Opened its factory in Chungcheongnam-do





Head Office : Unit 1104, 234, Beotkkot-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-798, Republic of Korea

Factory : Banghan-ri, Bibong-myeon, Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, 345-881, Republic of Korea

CEO : Kwan Soo, Bang  I TEL. +82-2-6719-8400  FAX. +82-2-523-5664


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