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  Riverbed Filtration & Seawater Intake System

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The riverbed filtration process extracts water from the vertical well from the river shoreline. The vertical well connects with horizontal (lateral) screen pipes that are the intake screens for filtrated river water through the riverbed aquifer layer. This process secures an indirect water intake source and helps to improve river water quality as well as to insure river water is maintenance.


The seawater intake system indirectly intakes seawater that is naturally filtrated through the sand layer of the sea. Daekyung Enertech has developed a beach-well method with high efficiency in terms of operation and management that has simplified the pre-treatment process and reduces construction and maintenance costs.


 I. Utilizes the natural filtration of the riverbed aquifer

 II. Removes nutrient salts & pollution substances (Cryptosporidium, DBPs, Endocrine Disruptors)

 III. Reduced facility investment costs

 IV. Reduced maintenance costs

 V. Use of chemicals not required

 VI. No sludge generated






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