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  Automatic Water Purification Process

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With increasing levels of pollution in drinking water supplies, the existing process that targets treatment of turbidity and general pathogens has reached technological limits and it necessitates a new water purification method. Daekyung Enertech is the leading company in the field of environment plants in Korea. With this technology, we are focusing on improving and retrofitting old and new water purification plants.


The System Integrated Solution of us is an automated control system used for prechlorination treatment, sand filtration, ozone control and chlorine disinfection in the water purification process by monitoring the qulaity and controlling the quantity of the inflowing water to insure the best treatment.



I. Analysis of the water purification efficiency

II. Automatic decision system for chlorine demand

III. Automatic control of the backwash

IV. Automatic control of ozone flow rate

V. Automatic control of chlorine injection





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