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  Organic Waste Recycling Facility

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Organic Waste Recycling Facility


The anaerobic digestion process for organic wastes recycling technology can be used for biogas production not only through the anaerobic digestion of food waste with high sodium and water content but also through various biodegradable organic waste like livestock manure, sewage sludge, food waste, vegetable waste, etc.

Sewage sludge generated from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste is used as high quality compost or liquefied fertilizer and produces biogas as an alternative energy source for boilers and power generation facilities.



What is the Biogas Plant?


Biogas : The mixture gas of methane and carbon dioxide that is the product of the digestion of organic matter under anaerobic conditions in field of sludge, waste water and sewage.

Anaerobic Digestion : The decomposition of organic matter by bacterial process in the absence of air.



Core Evaluation Element of Biogas Technology

Process of Organic Waste Recycling Facility




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