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  Waste Incineration Plant

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Waste Incineration Plant

 Our up-to-date technology of incineration provides you with higher combustion efficiency, higher heat recovery efficiency and less pollution. We utilize waste heat as a source to produce heat (steam) and electric power. We already have experiences to supply steam and electric power.


Advanced System

II. Furnace wall cooling technology to increase combustion capacity.


II. Uniform combustion air control to avoid local excessive temperature rise.


III. Heat resisting design.


IV. Advanced combustion control and active carbon to reduce dioxins.


V. Advanced combustion control and active carbon to reduce dioxins.


VI. HMI (Human to Machine Interface) for easy and efficient control.


VII. In the fluidized bed type pyrolysis, gasification & melting incinerator, the waste is partly combusted by fluidized material and dissolved by the heat of combustion.


VIII. CFB, BFB Gasification & Melting Incinerator.








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